2016 05 12 Fee Climbs For Mt Evans

The Denver-owned park on Mt Evans in Colorado is adding its own $5 fee to the one charged by the US Forest Service, making full access to all the facilities on the mountain a whopping $15 per day. But thanks to the lawsuit several years ago by two Colorado wilderness users, supported by the WSNFC, you can still drive the road for free, and even visit the developed facilities for free so long as you park some distance away and walk in. Walk on!


2016 05 05 BLM Colorado Wants New Fee at Guffey Gorge

A remote hike-in swimming hole called Paradise Cove in the Guffey Gorge is being proposed as a new fee site by the Rio Grande Field Office of the Colorado BLM. The site has become a party spot, with alcohol and loud music increasingly problems. But instead of patrolling for drunks and other partiers, the BLM just wants to make sure everyone who parks by the road has an “I Paid My Fee” tag on their dashboard. Yeah, that’ll solve it!


2016 05 09 Ethically challenged Park Service selling out to corporate donors

The National Park Service, formerly one of the most highly regarded agencies in the federal government, has been racked by a series of scandals, including a reprimand of its Director, Jonathan Jarvis, by the Inspector General for ethics violations. Now that same Director is expanding the role of corporate funding in the National Parks. Here, the Washington Post takes a close look.

2016_05_09_National_Parks_Brought_To_You_By_Starbucks 2016_05_09_National_Parks_Corporate_Advertising_Dangerous_Mix

2016 04 28 Fees Scrapped On NC State Forest

It’s not just federal fees that are unpopular. A proposal to put “dynamic” pricing on a North Carolina State Forest has been shut down. “Dynamic” is code for the price is highest for the most popular places at the best times of year. Short on cash or have an inflexible schedule? Guess you have to just stay home. Hooray for North Carolinians for killing this terrible idea.