The Western Slope No-Fee Coalition was founded in 2001 by four renegades from western Colorado who refused to pay $5 to drive on a dirt road.

Our activities, such as the protests we organized at Yankee Boy Basin and the resolutions we sponsored at the municipal, county, and state levels quickly attracted attention far beyond Colorado. We have evolved into a principal voice of the many Americans who believe in public ownership and public funding of public lands. We welcome support from people of all recreational pursuits and political persuasions.

We do not take a stand, for or against, on any other public lands issues.

We owe our reputation for accuracy, determination, and persistence on the issue of public lands fees to the untiring efforts of our founding President, Robert Funkhouser. His personal story and political manifesto explaining why public lands fees became such a driving force in his life, and why they should be important in yours, can be read HERE.

Robert’s sudden and unexpected death on August 10, 2007, left the thousands of people who had come to rely on his leadership shaken but not defeated.

We invite you to dedicate your efforts on behalf of public lands to Rob’s memory. Don’t give up until public access, ownership, and funding is restored. He could have no greater legacy.Skip_Edwards_March_2009